IRIS Spa and Resort believes in sustainable tourism. Just like we, at IRIS Spa & Resort, identify and fulfill the needs of our guest travellers, we also understand the need for responsible tourism. Also referred to as 'sustainable tourism', responsible tourism focuses on the conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage. Responsible Tourism in Corbett is very important as it is home to many endangered species and it is therefore important to protect their habitat. It is our effort that will determine the success of Sustainable Tourism in India. Responsible Tourism in Corbett is very important as it is home to many endangered species and it is therefore important to protect the habitat. For those, who want ecofriendly travel and a beautiful holiday, Corbett Wild Iris Resort and Spa is your best choice

The World Tourism Organization plans to make us all aware of our responsibilities towards nature. It defines responsible tourism in the following way.

"It is the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support systems".

During your cherished stay at our luxurious wildlife resort, you'll see that we're highly committed towards developing the economic, social and environmental well-being of the Corbett wildlife and the host community. With tons of wildlife lovers travelling to this sensitive ecological zone every year, the depletion of natural resources is a usual thing. Though tourists contribute a lot towards boosting a region's economy, they also pose a great risk to harming the natural environment of a place or region.

Therefore, at IRIS Spa & Resort, we always strive to minimize the negative impacts and reduce pollution in every possible way. In order to reduce the human carbon footprints, we've adopted a wide range of stringent measures by way of renewing energy resources, minimizing the consumption of energy unnecessarily and practicing effective waste management.

Some of our key initiatives include

  • - Planting of saplings in the vicinity
  • - Water Harvesting
  • - Judicial use of water in kitchen and laundry
  • - Minimized usage of fossil fuels
  • - Use of natural pesticides and organic fertilizers
Apart from these, the IRIS team also conducts different types of eco friendly programs periodically to create awareness about plastic recycling and environmental welfare, for both tourists and the locals of the area.

We wish to turn every one of you into a 'responsible tourist'.

Most people believe that adhering to the principles of responsible tourism sacrifices the quality of a vacation. It's only a myth. Neither does responsible or sustainable tourism take away your joy nor is it too complicated. Whether you're travelling as a backpacker or along with your family, you can always prove yourself to be a responsible tourist by making some informed choices. As you do so, you'll only turn your wildlife vacation into opportunities for making a positive change to the natural and socio-cultural environment. You really have the power to transform the way people travel.

Together, let's make sure that our next generations also enjoy travel as much as we do by keeping the natural, social and cultural environment of the Jim Corbett National Park safe. And then we can extend it to the the whole of the world.