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Corbett IRIS Spa & Resort

A trip to Corbett is frequented by thoughts as to which Corbett resorts would fit your criteria, which Corbett Resort Packages to watch out for and which Luxury Corbett Resorts provide the best value for money. Well, don't worry.

Welcome to the magnificent world of IRIS Spa & Resort. One of the finest and the most luxurious Spa resort in Corbett, IRIS is located in a scenic spot close to nature. Here you can take in the true jungle atmosphere created by perfect natural surroundings and the varied flora and fauna. This is the place to enjoy the pristine beauty and enchanting wilderness of nature.

The days here are relaxed and beautiful, perfectly suited for that much needed break from hectic lifestyle. There are only a very few things in this frenzied world that offers pure indulgence and relaxation and vacation with IRIS offers you just that....

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Property Highlights


Located deep inside the buffer forest area gives the feel of staying inside the forest. Lucky guests can sight the wildlife even on the access road to the resort.

Evenings at the resort

Live karaoke singing is the highlight of the resort which is appreciated by all the guests. Upgrade yourself from a bathroom singer to a professional.

Food at the resort

We give a smile on your face with the delicious food made with love! We believe in the simple pleasure of serving good food. Food that is fresh, tasty, and is a celebration of life in itself.

Nature Trek

Kyari presents you to discover the naturalist in you. Go trekking in the adjoining buffer Forest with a guide. Learn all about the birds and the beasts, and understand how each tree has a story to tell.

A Few Words About


When one goes to a hotel, the basic questions that come to our mind is what kind of rooms do we find there? Is the toilet nice? Whether they give complimentary meals or not?



Corbett Wild Iris Resort & Spa has great amenities. The hotel accommodation is classified into the Cottages and Luxury Suites. There are some basic amenities common to all hotel rooms. Our customers have varying service needs and expectation. So, to appease them, we try to improvise, bringing in changes to the decor and comfort of our hotel rooms. This ensures each time a customer revisits that his experiences remain new and memorable.

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