Body Surfing
The very unique activity which is only conducted in Kyari area of Ramnagar, just throw away distance from the resort. Be ready to swim with the wave and let the motion of the current take you with it. It is interesting to note that, during body surfing, you can steer yourself just like the playful seals. You can ride the wave for as long as you wish but you will need to streamline your body.

Biking in the forest
Cycling means self-contained cycling trips for pleasure, adventure and autonomy rather than sport, commuting or exercise. The participants will ride bicycles along gentle routes through foothill, village, and farmlands with a few mildly challenging routes in the forest, along forest streams and can explore the nature and forest at its best.

River Crossing
Here a rope is tied from one end of the river to the other and once crosses the river while hanging on the rope. From the other set of parallel ropes, one comes back (traversing) standing on the one rope and holding on to the other rope.

Ladder climbing
Rope Course, It provides many people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to climb in a safe environment

Nature trek
From rejuvenating bird songs to exploring untouched forest, you will experience the beautiful effect of nature's love in the vicinity of Kyari village. While you are on the conducted village walk, you get opportunity to interact with the local ad can witness the simplicity and their day to day working in the most natural way, be it farming or building their homes.